Welcome to the Squirrellys Skin Art Inc. Tattoo and Piercing Salon!

Our salon is a clean and sanitary environment where you can get a tattoo or piercing in a private room.

  • Tattoos. Our experienced tattoo artists will work with you on creating a custom design, or will help you choose a design from our extensive catalog.
  • Piercings. We offer many types of piercing on all parts of the body, from ears to wherever you want. All jewerly is made from 316L implant grade surgical stainless steel

    New Winter Piercing Prices:

    Nostril $30.00
    Septum $30.00
    Nipple $30.00 both Nipples $50.00
    Eyebrow $30.00
    Lip $30.00
    Tongue $35.00
    Rook $35.00
    Daith $35.00
    Tragus $35.00
    Labret $35.00
    Philtrum $35.00
    Navel $35.00
    Monroe $40.00
    Industrial $50.00
    Dermal $50.00
    Genital $70.00
    Triple Helix $80.00


All our work is carried out according to the highest hygienic standards.

We have shops in ohio and pennslyvania